Energy and determination. Ciccio Merola a DJ from the Campania region, well known by all the experts of the Italian clubbing scene. His attention to the musical trends that come from all over the world is constant. The Performance of his DJ sets, focused on sounds remakes and shrewdly obtained without the use of any new technology, is brilliant. Ciccio Merola is constantly looking for original combinations with a method defined by many as " the old school". The strong musical imprinting of dj Ciccio Merola led into the Italian nightlife all the clubs where he performed. His musical intuition enables him to propose, before all the others, new musical trends in multiple versions. Since 2005, he has been recording with famous Italian record companies, with projects that received attention and positive feedback from producers of national caliber. A distinguishing feature that dj Ciccio Merola certainly owns, is the ability to play alone, while all others perform with the help of a team. His motto is founded on three simple words: Humility, Evolution and Comparison.

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